My mail setup with Wanderlust

I use the Wanderlust mail client to read my mail. I use Maildirs to store my messages, both on my server and locally. I receive and send mail over SSH, it is simpler to have a single key for everything than having to remember passwords for SMTP and IMAP in addition to having a SSH key.

I have a script that copies all messages on my server and saves them to my local inbox. It is bound to s-g in dwm. When I send an email, emacs calls a script that imitates sendmail and saves the messages to a queue. To send these messages, there is a script, bound to s-s, that sends the contents of the queue calling sendmail on my server.

You can download the scripts using the command git clone git://

I used to have a custom function to decrypt PGP/MIME messages, but I found out that you can add

(setq mime-pgp-decrypt-when-preview t)

to your .emacs file to decrypt the messages automatically when you select them from the Summary buffer.

I am working on a module that shows equations in e-mail messages using LaTeX. Here is a screenshot of it in action:

Emacs showing math

You can also see my entire .wl file